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I have been the second grade teacher and school soccer coach at TLS since 1984.


I was originally born in Kemmerer, Wyoming. However, I've lived in Chalmette, LA, Omaha, NE, Bridgeport, NE, Chapin, IL, and Columbus, GA. I have actually lived in Monroe the longest of any other time or place.


My wife, Mary is an RN and organist and choir director at Trinity. We have two adult daughters - Katie, 26, is an RN and lives in Grand Rapids, MI. Sarah, 22, is finishing her B.S. in biology at Eastern Michigan, and plans to continue to medical school. She lives in Ypsilanti.


I try to provide a fun yet structured classroom. I enjoy doing activities with my class, especially in science. The best part of my class is often the end of the year activities we do, including a pizza party, the water balloon toss, and taking the students out to lunch on the last day.


Special projects we do include a "Creation Book" and a seed project. We also do a "Mystery Person" where students provide information about themselves, other students try to guess who the Mystery person is, and then the student of the week shares special information about themselves.


Field trips I have taken include a trip to the zoo to coincide with a science unit on animals, a trip to the U of M Botanical Gardens to coincide with a unit on plants, a trip to the Jiffy Plant in Chelsea to coincide with a Social Studies unit on manufacturing, the Lake Erie Marshland Museum, and many plays.



Kemmerer, Wyoming



Classic Rock

Favorite movie

Saving Private Ryan

(I was a history major and am a WW2 buff)

favorite vacation spot

The Canadian Rockies

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