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COVID - 19 Protocols for Visitors 

We are pleased to be reopening our facilities. We wish to ensure an environment that is safe and healthy for all. Please follow the following procedures when entering our campus 

What Did Jesus Say? Part 4
Why AM I Hesitate? Part Four
 This Man named Jesus: A Look through the Gospel of Mark The Final Study

Online Bible Studies!

Explore the Man Named Jesus

Pastor Potts will post discussions he holds with several individuals exploring Jesus through the Gospel according to Mark. These conversations will be posted by noon each Wednesday on our website with links to that from Facebook


Why Am I Hesitant to Step Out Again?

For 8 weeks we were told to hide behind the doors of our homes or the masks on our faces.” when Governor Witmer declared one day we could go out I was hesitant. I want to re-connect with people but there are fears. Is there something wrong with me?

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