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Having celebrated Easter, Trinity is providing several online opportunities to help God speak to you. There are three growth options we offer:

Online Bible Studies!

Explore the Man Named Jesus

Pastor Potts will post discussions he holds with several individuals exploring Jesus through the Gospel according to Mark. These conversations will be posted by noon each Wednesday on our website with links to that from Facebook


A Tale of Two Citizenships: Being a Christian In Today's Culture

Pastor Heimsoth will host a Zoom meeting for anyone who would like to join up to study how God calls Christians to be part of the community. With the presidential election coming up, we can make a difference, but how and why? 

Discsussion on Practical Applications to the Citizenship Study

Pastor Heimsoth will also post by noon every Thursday (website/Facebook) discussions he has with a small group of individuals about the implications of Monday's study of how Christians are to be involved in the secular world.

Be the church: Bring love, bring hope, bring Jesus

Two Citizenships: Christian in Society - Lesson 3
 This Man named Jesus: A Look through the Gospel of Mark Part 5
Two Citizenships: Applying Our Faith Conversations - Lesson 2 
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