Covid - 19 (Coronavirus)  Update 

We will be using this page to bring updates about the Covid - 19 (Coronavirus) Updates

and how they affect Trinity Lutheran Church & School

Governor Witmer has declared by Executive Order that all of us are to remain home as much as possible for the next three weeks. While this makes ministry challenging, we are confident God’s Spirit will work in and through you to cause this to be a time of tremendous growth for Trinity and for Monroe.


THANK YOU ALL so much for the ways you have stepped up to be the church. You are touching lives and worshipping. More than 1200 people clicked on our Facebook page to worship with us this past week-end. We pray many tuned in for the entire time of worship. This is a great opportunity to share and invite others to join us. Let’s go for 2000 this week-end.


It still is not the same as worshipping together at 323 Scott Street. We miss seeing all of you and pray for the day we will be able to gather at Trinity again to worship God, our Father in heaven! Unless the governor changes her executive order that will not happen on Easter this year. We are currently planning for the best way we can help you to celebrate Easter in a truly powerful way this year—without all gathering at the church (building). Stay tuned!


THIS WEEK we will provide more resources for you to be the church wherever you find yourself – especially in your home. We are working to provide bible study videos, children’s video experiences and simple resources to help you nurture your own faith and that of those who live under your roof.

                               Be the church: Bring love, bring hope, bring Jesus

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