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We Can See the Finish Line!

Now you should finish what you started. Let the eagerness you showed in the beginning be matched now by your giving. Give in proportion to what you have. 2 Cor. 8:11

Phase 3: Completing the Remodeling Project!

The marathon to prepare our Fellowship Hall for the future is nearing the end! If you supported Phases 1 & 2 financially – THANK YOU! We completed these phases debt free! 

Now we move into the final phase and want to finish strong. We need everyone’s help to make that happen! Please, ask God to lead you as you consider what you might contribute in the final stretch. We thank God for 20 families who funded 78% of the first 2 phases. Consider the list below as you determine how you will help us finish strong! 

Graceful Grounds cross.jpg

Graceful Grounds - Now Open Tuesday - Friday 8:30am - 1pm 

first game -- 1-26-19.JPG

• 80 households give stimulus checks ($2400) to Trinity                  $192,000

• 50 households give $100 a month for one year                              $60,000

• 50 households give $10 a week for one year                                   $26,000

• 50 households give $1 a day for a year                                             $18,250

• 50 households give a $100 one-time contribution                          $5,000

• 120 households give a $10 one-time contribution                          $1,200  

                                                                                                          Total $302,450  
 If you are still contributing your pledge to the Capital Campaign,

we thank you for considering the possibility of continuing those

contributions for one more year.  

First Game Played in the Gym - January 26, 2019

To say thank you and to inspire others to give, every household that has contributed will have their name added to a finish line display. Our goal is to have at least 250 of our households participating in some way – and we hope to see your name on that board! 

If you have any questions, you may call the Church Office or the person who delivered this note to you. For photos and more information about the project, check out our web site at 

Garden Room window prep -- 8-11-2020.jpg

The Start of Phase 3 - Construction Crew installing windows. The Church and School Offices will be combined in this area. 

kitchen new with Maci.JPG

Kitchen Remodel - Completed in January 2019 

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