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Module 10: Worship Engagement

Module 10 is about our engagement in worship. Worship is a crucial part of a Christian's faith life. It is in worship that we receive God's gifts of forgiveness and life in a way we cannot anywhere else. Corporate worship is also where the family of God gathers together to celebrate in those gifts as His children. Fellowship with other believers is an important way to stay accountable to and encouraged in our faith. 

Part of being a Christian means being engaged with the life of the church. In American consumerist society the church can be viewed as a place where we consume what the church has to offer. However, this is not how Scripture sees the church. 1 Peter 2:4-5 says:

"As you come to him, a living stone rejected by men but in the sight of God chosen and precious, you yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ."

In this passage we understand that each Christian is called to be a “priest” and to “offer spiritual sacrifices.” Each Christian is called to love others with the love of Christ, and to do more than merely “consume” what the church staff has to offer. A Christian is called to be a part of this “spiritual house.” This means that first and foremost Christians are called to regular attendance in church. But Christians are called to more than that as well. A Christian is called to be a part of what his or her congregation is doing.

Confirmation is the process of educating young Christians on what being a Christian is, and what it means to follow Christ. When a person is “confirmed” they are considered a member of the congregation, able to think and reason about their faith along with any of the other adults. As confirmed members of the church, each person has God-given gifts, talents, and abilities that can be used in service of the Lord, and His people.  This means that Module 10 has certain expectations that move past academic study and ask the confirmand, “How can you help your church?”

Completion of this unit will require the following activities along with the corresponding engagement sheet:

  1. Worship

    1. Attend 26 worship services.

  2. Service

    1. Participate 13 times in any of the following areas of service: (participating in more than one category is encouraged)

      1. Acolyte (light the candles at the beginning of the service)

      2. Read the Old Testament or Epistle readings in church

      3. Usher

      4. Help with children’s ministry or nursery on Sundays (when available)

      5. Help run technology at the service

      6. Help Altar Guild set up for communion

      7. Join the choir (as God’s given talents allow)

      8. Join the praise band (as God’s given talents allow)

      9. Help with an event put on by the church

    2. Five hours of community service

  3. Body of Christ

    1. Attend one voters’ meeting or town hall meeting.

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