• jheimsoth

Foolish Questions

The Sadducees, who say there is no resurrection, came to him with a question. Mark 12:18

Foolish thinking! They asked a question of Jesus for which they already thought they knew the answer. They were both disrespectful and foolish. The knowledge Jesus has in the tip of his finger is greater than the knowledge of all humanity. To think we are smarter than him or that we can fool him—pure foolishness. And to think that somehow God cannot keep up with science or any other area of study—He is the one who created science! May I have the wisdom to humbly come before Jesus and embrace whatever he says as truth. So when he says I am forgiven, I believe it. When he calls for me to love those who hurt me, I will ask him to help me. I don’t want to fall for the lie that he is less than GOD!

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