• jheimsoth

For Your Own Good

Be careful to obey all these regulations I am giving you, so that it may always go well with you and your children after you, because you will be doing what is good and right in the eyes of the Lord your God. Deuteronomy 12:28

If only my children would have understood that my rules for them were for their good. All they saw was that I was mean and making their lives difficult. Well, it wasn’t exactly like that, but it happened. Am I any different with God? This verse reminds us that God wants things to “go well with you and your children.” All the regulations He has given are for our good, so why do I make excuses to ignore or skirt around God’s rules?

Lord, help me to trust you and live in obedience to all you say. That means I first need to read your word. Speak to me, lead me, guide me. AMEN.

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