• jheimsoth

God's Tremendous Love

Lamentations 1-2, Matthew 19:1-15

The Lord has brought her grief because of her many sins. Lamentations 1:5

Finally, after all of the talk of gloom and doom, God used Babylon to rip apart the city of Jerusalem. Jeremiah who had warned the people so many times can only now sit and cry (Jeremiah is the author of Lamentations). Some might focus on the pain of the people there – and it was painful. He speaks of mothers so hungry they eat their offspring. But remember that it was also painful for God. He did not want to bring about this suffering, but it was the only way tot get his people to turn back to him. It was the sin of the people that brought this on, but know God was not punishing them – he was disciplining them in love. God would experience a greater pain later when Jesus hung from the cross to save us. That is how much he loves us!

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