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Have No Fear -- God Is Here

You may say to yourselves, “These nations are stronger than we are. How can we drive them out?” But do not be afraid of them; remember well what the Lord your God did to Pharaoh and to all Egypt. Deuteronomy 7:17-18

What is it that scares you? When I was young it was to think of my parents dying. That thought would terrify me. Some are frightened by COVID-19, others are frightened by the fragile economy. We all have fears, but we also have God and He is bigger than whatever it is that we might fear. Moses reminded those who were afraid of the nations they were to attack of how God brought the great world power, Egypt, to its knees. This is the God who gave his Son to die that you might be safe. This is the God who created the world and calls you his child. You need not fear. Trust him.


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