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Mass Celebration

Place the basket before the Lord your God and bow down before him. Then you and the Levites and the foreigners residing among you shall rejoice in all the good things the Lord your God has given to you and your household. Deuteronomy 26:10-11

Their offerings were a celebration, not just of the harvest, but of how God had saved them from slavery and given them the Promised Land. And when one person brought in his firstfruit offering, it was not just his celebration – everyone celebrated. I love that. Look around you, at all the ways God has blessed you. I pray that you see the rest of us, your brothers and sisters in the faith, celebrating with you. This pandemic has made it difficult to be around people. May we find creative ways to celebrate one another today. If you feel low in the blessing department, let’s revisit the cross to see how blessed we are.


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