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Our Great Leader

How can I bear your problems and your burdens and your disputes all by myself? Deuteronomy 1:12

I know that feeling. It is a feeling of helplessness when the challenge of leading is greater than my strength or my understanding. I also know the selfish joy of being called a leader. In some small way I understand Moses. I have found myself in those situations when did not give others the opportunity to blossom as leaders. There are times I have forgotten that the church is God’s and not mine. So Moses was led to set up a system of leadership (I think the suggestion came from his father-in-law as we usually don’t consider giving up authority on our own). I am learning that the greatest part of leadership is to see others blossom as leaders and to recognize the amazing ways God provides for his church. And who is the ONE you and I worship as Lord together – no matter what our position in life? It is the King of kings who sacrificed his life on the cross that we might experience grace—no matter how foolishly we have viewed things. Now, there is a leader! And what has he done—he has given it to us to lead his church. WOW!

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