• jheimsoth

Pass it On

I have no one else like him (Timothy), who will show genuine concern for your welfare. Philippians 2:20

When I went to college to become a pastor this was one of my “judgmental” favorite passages. I used it to explain my reason for studying to become a pastor, but I think I really used it to make myself look better. I was too full of myself. It is our nature to be self-centered, and we can easily practice self-centered Christianity. I have had many non-pastor people show me what it is to love over the years. I have been humbled many times. As Paul had shown Timothy how to care for others, I am thankful for the Elmer’s and Dorothy’s and Diane’s of the world who have shown me what it is to care. Take this day to look both ways in your life. Look at those who have shown you what it is to care, then look for opportunities you have to show others what it is to “show genuine concern” for others.

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