• jheimsoth

Passing on Memories

Remember today that your children were not the ones who saw and experienced the discipline of the Lord your God: his majesty, his mighty hand, his outstretched arm. Deuteronomy 11:2

There are many things I have experienced which my children have not -- and they are all adults. Moses reminds the people who had seen the waters part at the Red Sea, the crazy military victories God had given them and how he had provided their daily food, that their children had not experienced all these things. Thus it was up to them to tell their story and keep the memory of all God had done for them alive. Father’s Day was a reminder to me that it is my responsibility to pass on the ways God has blessed our family to my children and grandchildren. I cannot assume they will know these things. And it is not always what we have done, but who he has made us. My siblings and I gather online every Sunday evening to share old stories, but the most powerful thing of that conversation is that one of us prays at the end of each conversation. We are God’s children. Have I passed that on to my children? Am I passing it on? How?

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