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What Should We Do?

You must purge the evil from among you. Deuteronomy 17:7

One bad apple spoils . . . You know the saying – so does God. It started with him. To protect all of his people God declared that those who were “evil” should actually be stoned. (vs.5) I believe he chose stoning so people could see how serious it was and so those who witnessed the “evil” actions would actually take part in carrying out the death sentence (first part of vs.7). I think that to get their hands “bloody” kept them from accusing innocent people. This is serious stuff. And what made people so “evil”? It was worshipping anyone/anything other than God.

Now I look at us today. I have great concerns for the church today. If this were the law today we would need a lot of stones. We have become what God warned us of. Many who have church “membership” are apathetic at best about God and worship. Holy Father, open our eyes to the lies of Satan that we don’t need you – we don’t need to worship you or follow your commands. Send your Spirit that there might be a revival in the land. Let that revival begin with me. AMEN.


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