• jheimsoth

You Can Do This!

2 Corinthians 5-7, Proverbs 25

I am glad I can have complete confidence in you. II Corinthians 7:16

I have to smile at this statement as Paul had more troubles with the Corinthians than anyone else. Does he not remember who he is dealing with or this an outright lie? I believe it is something different—something God does with us. God has confidence in us to do the right thing. He believes in us though we fail him daily. He calls us holy, though we don’t always look so holy. Why? Because we need encouragement more than we need to have our faults exposed. Paul is doing where what God does every day –trying to help us believe that we have what it takes to do good. We are not prisoners of our past failures. This is a new day. I have confidence that you will use it to bring blessing to others!

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