• jheimsoth

Your Safe Place -- Everywhere!

Ezekiel 37-39, Matthew 22:23-e

The nations will know that I the Lord make Israel holy, when my sanctuary is among them forever. Ezekiel 37:28

We played a game called “tag” when I was a kid. Remember it? If the one who was “it” caught you, you were "it." BUT there always a safe place where you could to go rest and not be tagged. When they built the temple in the OT, that was to be their safe place. It marked the presence of God among his people. Ezekiel said God would bring his people back to glory when he placed his sanctuary (temple) “among them forever.” Jesus is that temple which was destroyed and rebuilt in three days (Easter). The good news is you don’t have to run to Jesus for safety – he lives in you. You are forever safe in the presence of God. Have a great day!

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