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Read the Bible in a Year

Read the Bible in a Year? You can do it!

The Bible is where God speaks directly to His people. That’s us! He has a glorious story to tell about creation, mankind’s disobedience, and the coming of Jesus to put it all right again. As part of the 175th year of Trinity Lutheran Church, we are offering a reading plan that will lead you through the Bible in a cohesive, manageable way.

  • Each month includes selections from the Old and New Testaments for 25 days. That leaves a few extra days each month to catch up or re-read.

  • You can find the daily breakdown on the Web site or pick up the readings for each month on 8½x5 cards at the church.

  • Pastor Heimsoth’s Monday-Friday Journey Notes will follow the readings, too.

  • Small groups are encouraged to use the plan for in-depth discussion and mutual encouragement.  

Read for yourself about the promises, power, expectations and love of our awesome God. He wants to speak to you today.   

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