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During this season, we honor the lives and memories of our family and friends whom have passed. 

They will forever be with us.

Fred (commadore) and Irene.jpg

Mr. and Mrs.

Fred & Irene Kurtz 

 Irene Kurtz

Nov 11, 1918 to Jan 23, 2018 


Fred Kurtz

June 2, 1920 to May 11, 1990  


October 17, 1943

Submitted by Jan Kurtz


Jody Gayle Swank (Rinne)

July 30, 1967-July 3, 2020


"Lover of her husband and girls, coffee, and chocolate." 

Submitted by Amanda Barron,

Niece & Goddaughter 

Kenneth Waltz

1920 to 1986

Submitted by daughter,

Bonnie Pillarelli 


Berneice Waltz

1920 to 1999

Submitted by daughter,

Bonnie Pillarelli 


Joy Waltz

1960 - 2014

Submitted by sister-in-law,

Bonnie Pillarelli 


Nicholas Pillarelli

1940 - 1997

Submitted by wife

Bonnie Pillarelli 


Mr. and Mrs.

Wallace & Lois Vorrath

Wallace Vorrath

Passed on Sept. 30, 1998 

"My Dad was a longtime member of Trinity and he and my Mom started Kentucky Fried Chicken in Adrian, Monroe and several other locations." 


Lois Vorrath

Passed on Jan. 27, 2018


"My Mom made all of the silk flower arrangements for the altar." 


Submitted by son, Scott Vorrath and daughter, Shelly Vorrath


Betty Marie Havekost

April 11, 1927 - June 2, 2003.


"Mom raised 4 children who all attended Trinity Lutheran School K-8th grade.  She served the Church well.  We love and miss her."

Submitted by daughter,

Suzanne Havekost Chadwick


Mr. and Mrs. 

Lester and Louise Havekost

Lester Havekost 

October 4, 1896 - March 5, 1982 


Shelly Vorrath

July 25, 1896 - April 5, 1996


"Faithful to God, Church and family.  Wonderful memories of family gatherings, good food and Lawrence Welk!" 


Submitted by granddaughter, Suzanne Havekost Chadwick

Howard and Blanche Foor.jpg

Mr. and Mrs. Howard and Blanche Foor

Howard Foor

Passed in Oct 1986


Blanche Foor

Passed in April 2009


"We miss them all very much, but they are always in our thoughts and prayers."

Submitted by son, Rick Foor & daughter-in-law, Chris Foor

Bob and Evelyn Gutierrez.jpg

Mr. and Mrs. Bob & Evelyn Gutierrez

Bob Gutierrez

October 4, 1896 - March 5, 1982 


Evelyn Gutierrez 

July 25, 1896 - April 5, 1996


"We miss them very much, but they are always in our thoughts and prayers." 


Submitted by daughter, Chris Foor and son-in-law,  Rick Foor


Ruth Richter

June 20, 1926 - May 23, 2020


"A daughter, wife, mother, grandma, great grandma and a great great grandma, whatever role she was called to fill, she did it with love.


A kind and generous woman guided by her love of God was what made this woman loved by all. She will be missed everyday."

Submitted by Larry & Linda Richter


William Giarmo

February 6, 1928 -

December 21, 2002

"You will always be in our hearts...because in there you're still alive." 

Submitted by son, John Giarmo and daughter-in-law, Janet Giarmo

Floella Krueger 12 12 19.png

Floella Krueger

Called Home: 

December 12, 2019

martin n.png

Marvin Novak

Called Home: 

December 18, 2019

Catherine Kraehnke 12 25 19.png

Catherine Kraehnke

Called Home: 

December 25, 2019

Wanda May Arnold 1 19 2020.png

Wanda May Arnold

Called Home: 

January 19, 2020

Karl Yentz 4 10 20.png

Karl Yentz

Called Home: 

April 10, 2020

Elmer Siebarth 4 10 20.png

Elmer Siebarth

Called Home: 

April 10, 2020

C. William

"Bill" Gruber

Sept 19, 1948 - April 26, 2020

"He loved music and all of his grandchildren."

Submitted by his wife,

Diane Gruber




Deane Rogers 5 17 20.png

Deane Rogers

Called Home: 

May 17, 2020

Stanley Walentowski 5 21 20.png

Stanley Walentowski

Called Home: 

May 21, 2020


Dan Donahue

Called Home: 

July 18, 2020

Janice Hunter 9 4 20.png

Janice Hunter

Called Home: 

September 4, 2020


William Henderson

Called Home: 

September 20, 2020

LeLa Zink 10 1 20.png

LeLa Zink

Called Home: 

October 1, 2020

William Heck.png

William Heck

Called Home: 

November 29, 2019

Joanne Patania 10 2 20.png

Joanne Patania

Called Home: 

October 2, 2020



"Mitzi" Spicer

Called Home: 

March 25, 2020


Richard Karl Spicer

Called Home: 

January 23, 2019

LilaBeth Ingall 10 23 20.png

LilaBeth Ingall

Called Home: 

October 23, 2020


Waltsie Hewitt

Called Home: 

February 15, 2020

Submitted by her great-niece, Holly Goodnuff

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