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Serve Monroe

Trinity joins with other ministries of Monroe each summer to give junior and senior high students opportunity to work together on projects in the community. Youth are able to meet teens from other churches as well as working together on various projects.


For more information on Serve Monroe 2019, please contact Pastor Potts at (734) 242-2308 ext 114.


Encouraging all to be good neighbors


Trinity provides opportunity for teens to serve families in the Appalachians (Maryland) every summer for one week. The youth are assigned light carpentry projects to help families in need. In the process they build relationships with those they serve and experience the joy of sharing God’s compassion and love.


For information on this project or how to apply to be on this summer’s team please contact Pastor Potts. 

circular saw -- July, 2018.JPG


Trinity is a partner with a congregation in Guatemala that planted a mission in an impoverished village, Los Limones, of displaced people. We have funded the building of a worship center and provided water filters for numerous families. Trinity sends a team every other year to work in Los Limones for one week to assist in various projects. We will be heading to Los Limones August 


If you would like more information on this partnership or how to join the next team going to Los Limones please contact Pastor Heimsoth.

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