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Trinity Connected

Connecting through Small Groups

Trinity Small Groups help connect us to each other in various ways.  We had the opportunity to join with the classrooms of Trinity Lutheran School and help their Christmas Families.  A group was partnered with a class and they received the names and needs of a family that needed help for Christmas.  They worked together to make sure that the family would feel the love of God during the Christmas season.  Some of the responses from the group leaders include:

               -My group was very excited about the opportunity to help

              - I think my ladies really enjoyed this opportunity, I know I did. Hope we can do it    again next year.

               - I got to deliver to two of the families and they were very needing.  It is great to show the kindness and joy that Jesus would expect us to show.  

In addition to the presents and living essentials, each family received a ham, potatoes, bread, and a pumpkin pie for Christmas dinner. Thank you so much to those that helped and if you weren’t involved consider joining a small group.

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